Green-Link is an emission-free delivery and distribution service that has been specifically designed for the needs of forward thinking local authorities and businesses. Based around the use of electric vehicles, load-carrying tricycles, bicycles and load-carrying trailers, Green-Link is a quick, efficient and flexible method of meeting  your delivery and distribution requirements while also providing a highly visible means of showing commitment to sustainable transport objectives.

Local Authorities and businesses spend thousands of pounds and many valuable person-hours moving internal mail, parcels, packages, print and other items between various sites and out to customers too. Work vans, employees’ own cars and even taxis are used to carry out a majority of this delivery and distribution work.

By moving things around in this way, companies and local authorities are contributing further to traffic congestion, noise and of course emissions of carbon dioxide and other airborne pollutants, directly conflicting with important national and local environmental objectives. Not only that, but they could also be wasting valuable staff resources that could be utilised more efficiently.

Green-Link offers a low cost and low risk package for establishing a free-standing, commercial delivery service for you. Save time, save money and save valuable resources. Please contact us for further details.

Green-Link Emission-Free Delivery and Distribution services presently operate in York, Luton and Darlington.