Green-Link is Darlington’s first and only zero-emission delivery and distribution company. We use a fleet of state-of-the-art cycles and electric vehicles to offer a highly reliable,  professional and cost effective method for moving your valuable documents and other goods in and around Darlington.

Express Messenger: Urgent documents <5kg from £2.95

Express Courier: Urgent loads <40 kg from £4.95

Town Courier: Loads up to 200 kg on our electric load-carrying tricycles from £5.95

Green-Link couriers also undertake distribution and daily/weekly contracts.

Now offering an early morning postal service to town-centre businesses as well as DX collection and delivery.

Every job we undertake is one less motorised journey on Darlington’s roads.

Save your money, save your time and save the planet.

Contact us for further details on pricing and other available services.


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