Last Mile

Last Mile Fulfillment

Urban freight is absolutely vital to the urban economy, whether it is the movement of information or the transportation of goods. Without this service the trade, industrial and administrative industries – which create wealth and help us to maintain our lifestyle, could become unsustainable. However this distribution has led to increased levels of freight traffic in urban areas which, in turn, has led to problems such as: congestion, pollution, noise and collisions.

Local authorities are keen to make their city centres attractive places for people to come and spend their time and money, and local communities want to be able to enjoy the city centre without these ever-increasing problems.

We believe it has become necessary to develop a system for sustainable city logistics. As such, certain measures have been taken to produce positive social, economic and environmental impacts – whilst still providing an efficient and economical city logistics system. Our zero emission logistics service is a solution that focuses on a sustainable city logistics system. We aim to reduce congestion, pollution, noise and collisions for everyone by supplying a service for parcel carriers that meets those aims.

Put simply, we complete the last mile deliveries for you on a range of load-carrying bicycles and tricycles from our urban consolidation centre in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Sustainability is key, and integrating our green supply chain practices will keep your business ahead of the competition. There has been a common assumption that applying green processes to your logistics would cause you to incur extra costs. This assumption has now turned into a myth as more companies and local authorities choose to use a proven solution that actually saves them money and valuable resources.

As a delivery company you have probably experienced what many others have and the following problems within your supply-chain are possibly restricting your efficiency:

  • Increased frequency: smaller quantities delivered more frequently means that multiple trips have become more common.
  • Low utilisation of truck capacity: small trucks and vans are carrying quantities below their capacity.
  • Time windows: customers are requesting that their goods are delivered within a set time period and on-street parking is lacking convenient space in town and city centres.
  • Parking restrictions: more local authorities are responsible for policing the parking and loading restrictions, which has in-turn led to unloading becoming one of the main problem that small truck of van drivers face.

You will be happy to know that our cycle-freight works well within these constraints, and our solution deals with these problems – negating the issues commonly experienced by delivery personnel. Our consolidation centre is centrally based within each town so that we can make smaller, more frequent deliveries. We have the capacity to make large deliveries up to 250kg in weight and we utilise the right cycle with the right capacity. Because we are central, and our delivery routes are usually radial, we can meet the customer’s time requirements at ease. And finally, we are not restricted by the lack of loading bays and on-street parking because we can simply wheel our cycles up to the delivery address and unload right into their property!

It’s time to get efficient, to get smart and to start forming a sustainable supply-chain that works from start to finish effortlessly. It’s time to start using Green Link.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more and see where we can save you time, money and precious resources – and help with your green PR too!


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